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Since 1988 SuP-Trans Transport & Logisik has developed a successful business in southwest Germany. Moreover we have been reliably delivering all over the world. What characterises us is our versatile offer of logistic services and special solutions addressing a wide range of demands. Our focused strategy on custom-made services is being documented by long lasting customer relations.

We are passionate about freight, but our services go further, such as order picking and IT-services.

Since May 2014 we expanded our open-air storage from 5000 sqm to 42 500 sqm. Similarly our indoor and temperate storage area increased from 12.330 sqm to 13.500 sqm, allowing us to react more flexible to any customer demand. Within this area are situated our management, the large heated storeroom, the open-air storage, the washer-system and a gas station. For a better coverage of our customers’ needs, as of February 2011 we have been managing an open customs warehouse (of 600 sqm).

Trust our experience. Our young SuP-TRANS team looks forward to your inquiries.
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