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Open customs warehouse

We manage an open customs warehouse with 600 sqm in Pirmasens.

During the customs warehouse procedure goods can be stored for an unlimited period of time in specific approved places in the customs area of the union. Customs warehouses are generally used for non-community goods, and offer during the time of storing the possibility to:

  • store transit goods in the customs territory duty unpaid
  • protect the goods from trade policy application (e.g. presentation of the import license).

Customs warehouse procedures are used for the storage of duty free non-community goods, which are governed by application to trade policy. For goods that are bound from disposal in the customs area, import dues can be paid after the end of storing, alternatively goods can be placed under another customs procedure.

In addition, certain community goods can be placed under the customs warehousing procedure, e.g. pre-financed goods from market-organisation.


customs warehouse

Among the custom licensed offices locations (=customs warehouse) can be areas with customs monitoring or other marked areas, e.g. open area, silo, etc.
There can be different types of customs warehouses. Each one is fulfilling various economic needs and allowing different operative situations while respecting the customs monitoring requirements. The main difference is made by who is responsible for the storage and who can store goods in the customs warehouse.
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